Written Work

• "'Bloody Caddo': Economic Change and Racial Continuity During North Louisiana's Oil Boom, 1896-1922," accepted for publication by Louisiana History

• "Oil City: How Land, Water and Communities Forged North Louisiana’s Oil Boom, 1904-1930,” accepted for publication by North Louisiana History 

• “Boomtown? Reconsidering the Beneficiaries of Louisiana’s Oil Boom," Oil-Industry History, Volume 16, Number 1, 2016

• “Boomtown, USA: An Historical Look at Fracking," History News Networkhttp://historynewsnetwork.org/article/158607

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• “Pipelines Along Uncle Tom’s Cabin: Standard Oil in Louisiana," Not Even Pasthttps://notevenpast.org/pipelines-along-uncle-toms-cabin-standard-oil-louisiana/

• "Visualizing Emancipation(s): Mapping The End of Slavery in America," Not Even Past: http://notevenpast.org/visualizing-emancipations-mapping-the-end-of-slavery-in-america/

• "History in Motion: The New Archive (No. 4)," Not Even Past: http://notevenpast.org/history-in-motion-the-new-archive-no-4/

• "Sound Maps: The New Archive (No. 6)," Not Even Past: http://notevenpast.org/sound-maps-the-new-archive-no-6/

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• "An Emotional Database: The New Archive (No. 8)," Not Even Past: http://notevenpast.org/an-emotional-database-new-archive-no-8/

• "Mapping The Slave Trade: The New Archive (No. 10)," Not Even Past: http://notevenpast.org/mapping-the-slave-trade-the-new-archive-no-10/

• "Hearing the Roaring Twenties: The New Archive (No. 12)," Not Even Past: http://notevenpast.org/hearing-the-roaring-twenties-the-new-archive-no-12/

• "Seeing John Donne Speak: The New Archive (No. 14)," Not Even Past: http://notevenpast.org/seeing-john-donne-before-your-very-eyes-the-new-archive-no-14/